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September 27th
DO WE HAVE IT IN THE USA ANYMORE, obviously in Polo it vanished a while back as the last thing the USPA is interested in US Polo players, that is obvious as we have 13 players over 5 goals which means 6 goals or better and 1/2 are over 40 so what has the …
September 24th
The Weather was amazing the Polo plentiful not a lot of even games but fun in a sunny setting about 70 with a cool breeze Polo was coaching league , 8 goal and Ladies Polo and all in all a very good weekend . Some of Ladies were packing slings on there wi…
September 22nd
The fastest growing part of US Polo is the Ladies in the game and it has really exploded nearly everywhere and the Lady that set this stage is no longer with us SUNSET (SUNNY) HALE but oh my there are some Women in ever level and many are very strong on t…
August 27th
In a very interesting day with Finals in Washington,France,Spain,Colorado and California and the start of the East Coast Open in Greenwich, Cn. Not sure of some of them but in SotoGrande it was the Pieres Brothers doing what they often do Winning and it w…
August 27th
Ayala polo team (Iñigo Zobel, Gregorio Gelosi, Santiago Laborde and Facundo Pieres) jumped all over Michael Bickford’s La Indiana lineup (Michael Bickford, Juan Gris Zavaleta, Tincho Merlos and Byron Watson) in the opening chukker of the fina…